Trips by foot, wheel and paddle.

Want to tell the world you’re off for an adventure? Strap a kayak to your car. Or a mountain bike. It’s a surefire sign that you’re off the clock and soon to be off the road. Which in Illinois means taking in some surprisingly stunning trails and waterways dotted with GPS coordinates instead of street addresses.

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    Running Inspiration:

    41°54'51"N, 87°37'28"W

    Chicago Lakefront Trail

    Ocean-like waters on one side. Sandy beaches on the other. And a life-size postcard of Chicago that changes with every step. Suddenly, those tiny white earbuds aren’t the only way to get psyched for a run.

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    Biking Inspiration:

    41°43'12.7"N, 87°53'49.7"W

    Palos Park

    Looking for a singletrack paradise? Get yourself to Palos Park where miles of flowy trails snake you through rolling terrain and shoot down ravines. Come here to get lost on a network of trails known by s-trackers all over the Midwest.

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    Kayaking Inspiration:

    41°19'25.1"N, 88°55'12.3"W

    Illinois River at Buffalo Rock

    Cliff-lined waterways, rocks jutting from the river’s edge—this is the scenic route full tilt, courtesy of the Illinois River that winds past beautifully rugged vistas before dropping you at the doorstep of Starved Rock State Park.

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    Climbing Inspiration:

    37°30'53.28"N, 89°2'37.32"W

    Draper’s Bluff

    Whether you call it a crag, a cliff or a really big rock—Draper’s Bluff is yours to climb. Multi-pitch climbing attracts the pros, while beginners come for guided tours. Either way, you’re heading up this 10-story wall looking like a champ.

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    Everything you need to get even further from the road.

    Think of them as your personal Sherpas—local experts ready to set you up with everything you need for the trails and waterways here. Even if that means doing all the work for you with planned excursions that bring out the very best of each Illinois region.


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