Lincoln’s Living Legacy

See where he lived, worked and made history.

Only in Illinois can you fully experience the remarkable life of Abraham Lincoln. In this land he called home, Lincoln’s legacy isn’t contained behind glass. It’s alive, up close and personal. Here, you can walk through the village that defined his humble upbringing. Retrace his day-to-day life in Springfield. And take an emotional journey through Lincoln’s life at his must-see presidential museum.

Historical Events

Add even more history to your Lincoln experience.

From exhibits and re-enactments to thought-provoking symposia and tours, you’ll find plenty of historical events around Illinois. Many events are held at Lincoln sites to further immerse visitors in the world as Abe knew it—while providing a deeper understanding of the man behind the legend.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Experience a modern-day interpretation of Lincoln’s life.

Discover one of the largest and most visited museums of its kind. A place where priceless artifacts and immersive exhibits reveal the complexities of Lincoln’s life. Through innovative storytelling, visitors experience the toll of slavery, witness the tragedy of the Civil War and feel the pressure and criticisms surrounding Lincoln’s presidency. Start your Lincoln experience here and suddenly the sites around Springfield become even more poignant when you see them in person.


Step Back in Time

Walk through the village from Abe’s youth.

Explore historic New Salem, a meticulously reconstructed 1830s village where Lincoln lived as a young adult and began his political career. Everything from the period re-enactors to the blacksmith’s workshop gives visitors a glimpse into what life was really like when young, burly Abe was throwing down his axe.


Retrace His Steps

Explore his legacy in the place he called home.

  • Abe’s Springfield Home
    Abe’s Springfield Home

    See the exact spot where Abe hung his stovepipe hat in the only home he ever owned. Explore the surrounding historic neighborhood lined with period-style homes, exhibits and wood-planked sidewalks.

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  • Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices
    Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices

    In the shadow of the Old State Capitol, you’ll find the building where Lincoln practiced law from 1843 to 1852. A guided tour ties stories to the artifacts here, including the desk where Lincoln penned his inaugural address.

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  • Old State Capitol
    Old State Capitol

    Walk through the hallowed halls frequented by Lincoln as both a lawyer and politician. In 1858, he delivered his famous “House Divided” speech in the Capitol’s Representatives Hall.

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  • Lincoln’s Tomb
    Lincoln’s Tomb

    Visit the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln at Oak Ridge Cemetery. Step inside the tomb’s rotunda where plaques keep Lincoln’s legacy alive with excerpts from his Springfield farewell speech, the Gettysburg Address and his second inaugural address.

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History Comes Alive

Experience Springfield as Lincoln knew it.

Throughout summer, re-enactors bring the 1800s to life by descending on Lincoln sites around Springfield. Impeccably dressed, knowledgeable and always in character, these historic figures (including Mr. Lincoln himself) can be seen delivering speeches, mingling among the locals and sharing vivid stories from the days when Abe made his home here.


Looking for Lincoln

Relive his remarkable journey through Illinois.

The Looking for Lincoln story trail includes hundreds of exhibits across the state that help connect the dots on how Abe spent his 30 years in Illinois.

Explore More

See all the Lincoln attractions in Illinois.

Abraham Lincoln’s legacy extends far beyond Springfield with plenty of museums and historic sites throughout the state.

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