The days are longer, the breezes warmer and outside is definitely the place to be. So grab the calendar and make plans to get reacquainted with summer... one hiking trail, golf course and roller coaster at a time.

Chicago by Water

Paddle, sail, or cruise your way to stunning skyline views.
Think the skyline views are great from Lakeshore Drive? Try seeing them from Lake Michigan on a ship straight out of a pirate movie. Or during a sunset cruise down the Chicago River. Suddenly, Chicago seems even more stunning.

Where to Go

  • Gaze up at some of the world’s tallest buildings as you listen to stories from Chicago’s past.
  • Dress up, dance a little and take in Chicago’s twinkling skyline while sipping champagne.
  • Paddle along the Chicago River’s urban canyon and out into Lake Michigan’s ocean-like waters.
  • Take in the festive atmosphere of a half-mile pier before boarding one of the many boat tours here.
  • Help hoist the sails on this four-masted schooner during an afternoon sail or romantic evening cruise.
  • Want less sightseeing, more adrenaline? Go full throttle on Lake Michigan with slalom runs and 360° spins.
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Hiking Illinois

Discover natural and manmade wonders.
Now is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors on foot. That’s when you uncover magical settings, experience the stillness of nature and rediscover a side of summer you forgot, or perhaps never knew existed.

Where to Go

Golf Getaway

Play those courses you keep hearing about.
From the PGA toGolf Digest, the experts agree: Illinois is home to some of the best places to golf in the country. With courses dotted along a trail, designed by golf legends, and home to PGA championships, Illinois is the perfect golf getaway destination.

Where to Go

Theme Parks

Perfect for the young (and young at heart).
Summer brings out the kid in all of us. School’s out, it doesn’t get dark until late, and the little ones are always ready to head to a park and play. And if that park includes a rollercoaster or a corkscrew water slide, then all the better.

Where to Go

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Discover more travel ideas for summer.

With hundreds of summer attractions, you could fill your calendar from June to August and still not scratch the surface on all the summer fun that awaits here.

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